Situation and Waste Management Strategy of the Czech Republic and Experience in Planning Construction and Operation of WtE and SRF Plants

“Waste utilization has the potential of savings in using fossil fuels. In the Czech Re-public, three incinerators of municipal waste are operating currently, there are many projects for implementation of others, unfortunately, they usually fail to succeed due to the economic evaluation. Support for the construction of new facilities for thermal treatment of waste is practically non-existent. Apparently, this could be solved through a number of alternative approaches – combined combustion, processing of sorted waste, however, a conceptual solution is still missing. The article aims to present the current situation and potential for the future.”

Dateityp: pdf
Kategorien: IRRC Waste to Energy, Waste Management 5
Schlagwörter: 2015
Autor: Dagmar Juchelková, Helena Raclavská, Pavel Bartoš, Radim Kovarik
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