Waste Management, Volume 3

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Dieses Buch erschien im Rahmen IRRC Waste-to-Energy 2012.

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The Role of Brussels in Waste Legislation throughout the European Union
Patrick Clerens, Edmund Fleck and Guillaume Perron-Piché

The EU Landfill Directive
Wolfram Schwetzel

WEEE Recast – Status and Prospect
Helmut Minor and Maximilian Scheppach

VKU Opinion on the Study Bio Intelligence Service to the European Commission (GD ENV) on Implementing EU Waste Legislation for Green Growth
Holger Thärichen and Martin Gehring

Requirements for High Quality Recovery in German Waste Legislation
Andrea Versteyl

Waste Framework Directive – EU Compliant Implementation by the Hungarian Act for Promoting Environmental Sound Waste Management
Zoltán Illés

Recent Municipal Waste Management Legislation in Poland
Anja Schäfer and Karolina Kapsa

Country Reports

Fourty Years of Waste Management in Germany – A Success Story with a few Errors –
Karl J. Thomé-Kozmiensky

Situation and Prospects of Waste Management in the Republic of Turkey
Oktay Tabasaran

Waste Management Research in a Future Megacity – Experiences from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia –
Martin Kranert, Nicolas Escalante and Agata Rymkiewicz

Polish Waste-to-Energy Projects and their Perspectives
Tadeusz Pająk

Danish Experience in Developing Integrated Approach to Separate Collection and Central Sorting of Valuable Recyclables from the MSW
Torben Kristiansen and J. Bjørn Jakobsen

Potentials of Biowaste Recovery in the Czech Republic
Dagmar Juchelková and Helena Raclavská

The Market of Waste Management Technologies in Central and Eastern Europe until 2020
Dirk Briese and Hilmar Westholm


German RETech Partnership (RETech) – German Recycling Technologies and Waste Management Partnership e.V. (RETech) –
Armin Vogel

Fields of Research in Optical Sorting of Different Types of Waste
Antoine Bourely

XRF – New Applications in Sensor-Based-Sorting Using X-ray Fluorescence
Martin Weiss

Material Flow-Based Optimization of Process Chains (Move Rec)
Maria Dos Santos, Markus Spitzbart, Michael Weinlich and Thomas Leitner

Post-Consumer Plastic Packaging Waste – How to Increase the Yield and Reduce the Cost –
Eggo Ulphard Thoden van Velzen

Recovery of Plastics from Household Waste by Mechanical Separation
Michael Jansen, Alexander Feil and Thomas Pretz

Challenges of Mixed Plastics Recovery from MSW Sources in the United Kingdom
Benjamin Eule

Plastic Waste Recovery in Spain – Overview of the Market and Applied Technologies –
Beatriz Ferreira Pozo, César Aliaga Baquero, Juan Luis Martí Arbona and Mercedes Hortal Ramos

Recovery of Recyclables from Municipal Solid Waste – Experiences from Poland and Cyprus –
Oliver Lambertz

Implementation of a Recovery System with Optimized Interfaces – The Total Plastic Concept –
Joachim Christiani and Martin Bender


Waste Incineration in the 21st Century – Energy-Efficient and Climate-Friendly Recycling Plant and Pollutant Sink –
Edmund Fleck

Development of Waste-to-Energy Projects
Luciano Pelloni

Acceptance and Realisation of Waste-to-Energy Projects – Communications of the Project Management with Politics and Concerned Persons –
Paul Davison

How to Operate as Technology Provider and Contractor in the International EfW World
Gerhard Lohe

Waste-to-Energy Process Concepts for Different Markets – Selected Application Examples
Günter Nebocat and Margit Löschau

Optimization and Designing of Modern Waste-to-Energy Plants
Michael Feldmann and Michael Marcius

The Role of Waste Incineration in Decentralised Energy Concepts in the Example of Plymouth
Johannes Günther, Uwe Zickert and Hansjörg Roll

Construction and Operating Experiences of the RHKW Linz (Austria)
Philipp Kolbitsch, Florian Madl and Ronald Wachter

Developments in Combustion Control for Waste Incineration Plants
Jens Sohnemann and Walter Schäfers

Corrosion as a Result of Dew Points and Deliquescent Salts in the Boiler and the Flue Gas Treatment System
Thomas Herzog, Wolfgang Spiegel and Wolfgang Müller

Metal Recycling at Waste Incineration Plants and Mechanical Waste Treatment Plants
Alexander Gosten

Combining WTE and Solar Power – New Solutions for Sustainable Energy Generation –
Valerie Martin, Stefan Pomp and Oliver Gohlke

Waste Combustion or Gasification: Comparing Apples with Apples?
Alfred Sigg and Kai Lieball

Gasification and Pyrolysis – Reliable Options for Waste Treatment?
Markus Gleis

Variations of Flue Gas Cleaning Systems in Waste to Energy Plants
Christian Fuchs

Mechanical-Biological Treatment – Solid Recovered Fuels

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment – an International Overview –
Lothar A. Deyerling and Brian E. Fuchs

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plant in Tychy/Poland
Thomas Büchner and Edmund Spaniol

Shaping the Future with Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment – A Successful Example for –
Andreas Puchelt

Production and Utilisation of Solid Recovered Fuels in Germany
Stephanie Thiel

New Methods for the Characterisation of Refuse Derived Fuels and Waste
Julia Behling, Burkhard Krüger, Philipp Danz, Thomas Marzi and Siegmar Wirtz

Recovery of Biowastes

Collection, Treatment and Use of Bio-Waste
Peter Kersandt

ECN-QAS – A European Quality Assurance Scheme in respect to End-of-Waste Criteria for Compost and Digestate
Stefanie Siebert

Composting and Fermentation of Biowaste – Contribution to reduce Greenhouse Gases –
Carsten Cuhls

Anaerobic Digestion of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste in Europe – Status, Experience and Prospects –
Luc De Baere and Bruno Mattheeuws

Anaerobic Digestion of Industrial Organic Waste with the Horizontal Plug-Flow Digester – Two-Year Operation Experience of a Dry Fermentation Plant –
Yucheng Feng

Water-Related Problems with the Output of Digestate from Biogas Plants – data sheet DWA-M 907 –
Christine von Buttlar and Frank Eulenstein

Biomethane Production – Input Material, Technology and Energetic Utilization –
Dieter Jürgen Korz


Landfills as a Pollution Sink in an Environmentally Sound Recycling Management
Heinz-Ulrich Bertram

Economic Comparison of Landfilling with and without Anaerobic Pre-Treatment
Ludwig Streff and Gerd Burkhardt

Biogas from Landfills or Anaerobic Digestion Plants in China
– Comparison for Biomass Wastes in China –
Bernhard Raninger and Hongjun Zhou

Restoration Concepts for Landfill Sites
Stepanka Urban-Kiss

Sewage Sludge Treatment

Sewage Sludge Treatment in Europe – an Overview
Katrin Bauerfeld

Sewage Sludge Utilisation Alternatives – Comparative Analysis Using Life-Cycle Assessment –
Joachim Reinhardt and Horst Fehrenbach

Sewage Sludge Treatment – Experiences in International Contracts from Different Views –
Robert Werth

Pelleting of Sewage Sludge
Werner Sitzmann and Axel Buschhart

Thermal Treatment of Sewage Sludge – State of the Art and Evaluation of the Variants –
Jörn Franck, Josef Lux, Guomin Zhang and Ralf Wittstock

Fluidized Bed Incinerator in Tongliao (Inner Mongolia, China) – Industrial Sewage Sludge and Liquid Waste Incineration under Difficult Circumstances –
Fernando Stoffel and Thomas Zeilmann

Upgrading Aspects of Standard Sewage Sludge Mono-Incineration Plants
Dieter Müller and Ludwig Hermann

Co-Incineration of Sludge in a Circulating Fluidized Bed
Johannes Sbaschnigg, Helmut Anderl, Sebastian Kaiser and Matthias Zöhrer

Sewage Sludge as a Resource for Phosphorus
Jutta Ansorg and Thomas Vollmeier

A New Thermo-Chemical Approach for the Recovery of Phosphorus from Sewage Sludge
Matthias Rapf, Harald Raupenstrauch, Carla Cimatoribus and Martin Kranert

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Waste Management, Volume 3
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