Waste Management, Volume 4

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Dieses Buch erschien im Rahmen IRRC Waste-to-Energy 2014.

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Incineration is a process step in recycling processes
Karl J. Thomé-Kozmiensky

Legislation and Strategies

Reviewing EU Waste Legislation: A Stepping Stone Towards a Circular Economy
Karl-Friedrich Falkenberg

Review of the Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration and Interactions with other BREFs
Simon Holbrook

Incineration– an Indispensable Element of a Responsible Waste Management –
Luciano Pelloni

Current Developments in European Waste-to-Energy
Ferdinand Kleppmann

The Development of Waste Incineration in Europe
Ulrich Martin

Country Reports

Paradigm Shift in the British Waste Management Sector – from Landfilling to Incineration –
Paul Carey

Experiences in New EU Accession Countries
Gerhard Ziehenberger, Michaela Heigl, Richard Hornauer and Hannes Klampfl-Pernold

Turkey Achieves EU Standards till 2023
Oktay Tabasaran

Waste Generation and Disposal Methods in Emerging Countries
Ayman Elnaas, Abdallah Nassour and Michael Nelles

A Guidebook for Sustainable Waste Management in Latin America
Constantinos S. Psomopoulos and Nickolas J. Themelis


Waste Availability, Successful Regional Strategies and New WtE Projects Shaping– The Benefits and Application of The Optimization Tool NERUDA –
Martin Pavlas

Layout Planning of Waste-to-Energy Plants
Falko Weber

High Efficient Waste-to-Energy Facilities
Inger Anette Søndergaard, Tore Hulgaard and Lasse Tobiasen

Opportunities to Improve the Energy Efficiency of Energy-from-Waste Plants
Gert Riemenschneider, Thomas Maghon and Walter Schäfers

Impact of Operation Mode and Design on the Energy Efficiency of Waste Combustion Plants
Johan De Greef, Hans van Belle and Kenneth Villani

Balancing and Energy Efficiency of Waste Treatment Processes
Michael Beckmann and Tobias Widder

Examples of Waste Incineration Plants

Thermal Waste Treatment Plant Spittelau – New Construction to the Existing Plant –
Frank Schumacher, Philipp Krobath, Erich Pawelka, Ulrich Ponweiser and Martin Höbler

Waste-to-Energy Plant Krakow– On the Status of Thermal Waste Treatment in Poland –
Gerhard Lohe

Waste-to-Energy Plant as Part of Combined Heat and Power Strategy, Using the Example of the Klaipeda Case
Kalle-Erkki Penttilä

Waste Management in the Metropolis of Istanbul – Waste Incineration and Energy Production Facility in Istanbul –
Şenol Yıldız, Vahit Balahorli, Fatih Hoşoğlu and Kadir Sezer

A Zero-Waste and Energetically Optimized Waste-to-Energy Concept – The Santo Domingo Este Waste Treatment Plant –
Margit Löschau and Günter Nebocat

Flue Gas Treatment

Flue Gas Cleaning Today– Available Technologies and Latest Developments –
Christian Fuchs

Assessment of Dry and Semi-Dry Sorption Procedures on the Basis of Practice-Related Examples from the Field of Incineration Plants
Rüdiger Margraf

Recycling of Incineration Residues

ADR –  a New Method for Dry Classification
Walter de Vries, Peter C. Rem and S. Peter M. Berkhout

Optical Sorting for the Recovery of Glass from WIP Slag – Pilot Plant in Bratislava –
Christian Makari

Alternative Waste-to-Energy Processes

Pyrolysis and Gasification

State of the Art of Alternative Thermal Waste Treatment Processes
Peter Quicker, Florian Neuerburg, Yves Noël, Adrianna Huras, Kathrin Weber, Ralf Georg Eyssen, Helmut Seifert, Jürgen Vehlow and Karl J. Thomé-Kozmiensky

Waste Gasification Technology with Direct Melting for Energy and Material Recovery
Nobuhiro Tanigaki and Yoshihiro Ishida

Refuse Derived Fuel Gasification Technologies for High Efficient Energy Production
Markus Bolhàr-Nordenkampf and Juhani Isaksson

The Biobattery – Integrated Heat and Power Generation from Biomass Residues and Waste –
Matthias Franke, Fabian Stenzel, Samir Binder and Andreas Hornung

Fermentation and Biogas Utilisation

Ecoefficiency Comparison of the Anaerobic Digestion, Composting and Incineration of Bio-Waste
Thorsten Pitschke, Wolfgang Rommel, René Peche, Dieter Tronecker and Siegfried Kreibe

Application of Anaerobic Digestion for the Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste in Several Projects
Martin Hagenmeyer

Biogas Utilisation in Berlin
Alexander Gosten

Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment and Solid Recovered Fuels

Best Available Techniques (BAT) for Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants
Anke Bockreis and Wolfgang Müller

Mechanical-Biological Stabilisation Plant in Fusina near Venice/Italy (260,000 t/y) – Twelve Years of Operating Experience –
Simone Paoli

Concepts for Processing Solid Recovered Fuels of Different Waste Origins for Waste-to-Energy Plants
Jürgen Deditz, Michael Pinkel and Roland Pomberger

Use of Solid Recovered Fuels in the Cement Industry
Roland Pomberger and Renato Sarc

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Waste Management, Volume 4
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