Waste Management, Volume 6

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Dieses Buch erschien im Rahmen der IRRC Waste to Energy 2016.

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Policies and Strategies

Current Developments in European Waste-to-Energy
Ferdinand Kleppmann and Ella Stengler

Review of the Best Available Techniques Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration – What is the Current Status?
Markus Gleis

Growth Potential for Energy-from-Waste Plant Operators in the European Union and Beyond
Karl-Heinz Müller and Peter Werz

Brave New World – Selected Jurisdictional Pitfalls when Acting on International Waste-to-Energy Projects
Tobias Faber and Alexander Stefan Rieger

International Experience of Risks Sharing Between Public and Private Entities in Energy-from-Waste Plants Construction
Christophe Cord‘homme

Wrong Tracks in Waste Management
Thomas Vollmeier, Lukas Schwank and Luciano Pelloni

Country Reports

Possibilities of Development of Municipal Waste Recycling and Incineration in Poland
Beata B. Kłopotek

Measures to Implement an Advanced Waste Management System in the Czech Republic
Jaromír Manhart

Overview of the Waste Management Situation and Planning in Greece
Efstratios Kalogirou and Antonios Sakalis

Development of Waste Management in the Arab Region
Abdallah Nassour, Ayman Elnaas, Safwat Hemidat and Michael Nelles

Waste Management in India and Experience with the Implementation of Projects Based on Public Private Partnership Model
Sundeep Kumar

Future Development of Waste Management in China According to the 13th Five-Year Plan
Yanlong Li, Zhai Zhengyu, Wenchao Teng, Tianhua Yang and Rundong Li

Waste Incineration

Complex Approach towards the Assessment of Waste-to-Energy Plants’ Future Potential
Martin Pavlas, Ondrej Putna, Jiri Kropác and Petr Stehlik

The Added-Value of the Balance Method for Waste-to-Energy Operators and National Authorities
Therese Schwarzböck, Helmut Rechberger and Johann Fellner

Development of Waste-to-Energy Projects
Trimurti Irzan, Lukas Schwank and Martina de Giovanni

Initial Operating Experience with the New Polish Waste-to-Energy Plants
Tadeusz Pajak and Michał Jurczyk

Enhancing of the Energy Efficiency of an Existing Waste Incineration Plant by Retrofitting with a District Heating Network
Wolfgang Rommel, Thorsten Freudenberger, Markus Hertel and Thomas Moritz

Disposal of Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymers – Problems During Recycling and Impacts on Waste Incineration –
Marco Limburg and Peter Quicker

Application of Modified NiCrMo Alloy Systems for Boiler Tube Surface Protection in Waste-to-Energy Environments
Iain Hall, Kwang Han and Triratna Shrestha

Infrasound Solution for Fouled SCR and the Economizer in World’s Largest Waste-to-Energy Boiler
Martin Ellebro and Henrik Blom

Flue Gas Treatment

Significance of and Challenges for Flue Gas Treatment Systems in Waste Incineration
Rudi Karpf and Andreas Wiedl

New Developments for an Efficient SNCR Monitoring and Regulation System by Evaluating the NOx Mass Flow Profile
Bernd J. von der Heide

Use of a Fabric Filter for the Sorption – What Has to be Considered? – Experiences and Solutions –
Rüdiger Margraf

CO2 Capture and Re-Use at a Waste Incinerator
Patrick Huttenhuis, Andy Roeloffzen and Geert Versteeg

Feasability Study of Capturing COfrom the Klemetsrud CHP Waste-to-Energy Plant in Oslo
Johnny Stuen

Recycling of Incineration Residues

How to Optimize Recycling Rates Using Waste Incineration
Wilfried Frehmann and Till Lemme

Mechanical Biological Treatment and Solid Recovered Fuels

The Market for Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants in Europe
Mark Döing

Fully Automated Sorting Plant for Municipal Solid Waste in Oslo with Recovery of Metals, Plastics, Paper and Refuse Derived Fuel
Benjamin Eule

Refuse Derived Fuel – A European Market Heading for Overcapacity
Mike Brown

Plastics Recycling and Energy Recovery Activities in Poland – Current Status and Development Prospects –
Kazimierz Borkowski

Modelling of Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) Properties Based on Material Composition – Chloride Quality
Innes Deans, Ioannis Dimas and Costas A. Velis

Manufacturing of Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF) for Energy Recovery Processes
Renato Sarc, Karl E. Lorber and Roland Pomberger

Regenerative Thermal Oxidation in the Cement Industry – Technology and Operation –
Thomas Binninger and Kai Schulze

Pyrolysis and Gasification

Overview of the Pyrolysis and Gasification Processes for Thermal Disposal of Waste
Jürgen Vehlow

Innovative Application Methods of Slags from High-Temperature-Gasifying-and-Direct-Melting System
Masato Katafuchi, Stanislaw Stryczek, Radoslaw Mroz and Wojciech Wons

Resource Recovery from Waste Using the Input Flexibility of Waste Gasification Technology
Nobuhiro Tanigaki, Ryo Makishi and Toshimi Nagata

New Waste-to-Energy Facility Energy Works Hull, United Kingdom
Adam Shore

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Waste Management, Volume 6
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