Waste Management, Volume 8

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Dieses Buch erschien im Rahmen des IRRC Waste-to-Energy 2018.

This book was published as part of the IRRC Waste-to-Energy 2018.

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Policies and Strategies

EU Policies and Legislation

The Impact of New EU Legislation on Waste-to-Energy 
Ella Stengler and Maxime Pernal

Best Available Techniques (BAT) Reference Document (BREF) for Waste Incineration – Status and Last Steps of the Review –
Frederik Neuwahl and Gianluca Cusano

The Role of Waste-to-Energy (WtE) in the EU’s Long-Term Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Strategy
Patrick Clerens and Alexis Thuau

Strategy, Perspectives and Projects

China’s Green Economy: Corporate Acquisitions and Political Strategy 
Karl-Heinz Müller and Peter Werz

International Perspectives of Energy from Waste – Challenges and Trends
Mar Edo and Inge Johansson

Why Major Projects Fail – A Snapshot on Deal Killers, Disruption of Projects and Project Related Dispute Resolution in the WtE-Sector
Tobias Faber and Camilla Fröhlich

Energy-from-Waste (EfW) Project Development EPC Contractor & O&M Contractor as One-Stop-Shop? 
Christophe Cord’homme

Country Reports

Current Status, Waste Management Strategies and Planning in Finland
Mika Pekkinen

Waste Management in Bosnia and Herzegovina – Current Situation and Perspectives –
Mehmed Cero, Irem Silajdžic and Sanda Midžic Kurtagic

The New National Action Plan for Waste Management 2016 to 2023 of the Republic of Turkey
Oktay Tabasaran

Current Status, Waste Management Strategies and Planning in Kuwait 
Manfred Graf

Municipal Solid Waste Management in India – A Critical Assessment
Atul N. Vaidya

Biofuel from Biomass Waste – Status and Prospects in China –
Wanli Zhang, Wanli Xing, Rundong Li, Bingshuo Li and Tianhua Yang

Waste Incineration

Optimisation und Efficiency

Problems with Biodegradable Wastes – Potential in Myanmar and Other Asian Countries for Combination of Drying and Waste Incineration
Maw Maw Tun and Dagmar Juchelková

Capacity, Efficiency and Emissions: Pushing the Limits of Energy-from-Waste Plants
Reto Strobel and Maurice Waldner

Waste Heat Recovery for District Heating – a Hot Topic at a Low Temperature –
Tomas Caha

Example Plants and Experiences in the Plant Construction and Operation

Project GOLEM: New Construction and Modernization of the Existing Plant in Prague/Czech Republic
Ales Blaha and Norbert Eickhoff

Technical Concept and Energy Management of the Tampere Waste-to-Energy Plant in Finland
Mika Pekkinen

Boiler Cleaning

Methods for Optimized On-Line Cleaning
Franziska Graube, Sebastian Grahl, Matthias Reiche and Michael Beckmann

Boosting Boiler Efficiency and Availability through Fouling Management
Martin Ellebro

Automated Radiation Pass Cleaning in Waste-to-Energy Plants – Experience from More than 70 Shock Pulse Generator Installations –
Kaspar Ninck and Christian Mosbeck

Mobile Industrial Dust Collector Risk Management
Michael W. Seitz

Processing of Incinerator Bottom Ash

Mining Incinerator Bottom Ash for Heavy Non-Ferrous Metals and Precious Metals
Jan-Peter Born

Hazardous Property HP14 of MSWI Bottom Ash
Hermann Nordsieck, Karsten Wambach and Wolfgang Rommel

Pyrolysis and Gasification

Qualification of Alternative Systems for the Thermal Conversation of Municipal Solid Waste 
Frans Lamers

Mechanical-Biological Treatment and Solid Recovered Fuels Mechanical-Biological Waste Treatment Plants in Croatia
Renato Sarc, Klara Perović, Irena Relić and Karl Lorber

Return of the Experience in Two RDF Waste-to-Energy Plants in Italy 
Luigi Bagnoli, Agostino Calcagno and Davide Rao

Possibilities of Waste Derived Fuel Use in the Energy Sector in Poland
Piotr Krawczyk, Krzysztof Badyda and Aleksandra Mikołajczak

XMercury – Mercury Removal System Using a Split Preheater – First Experiences in the Cement Industry
Holger Reinhold

Sewage Sludge

Treatment of Sewage Sludge in Europe: Status Quo and Perspectives of Energy and Phosphorus Recovery – Illustrated by the Example of Selected Countries
Martin Gutjahr and Johannes Müller-Schaper

Processes and Techniques for the Treatment of Sewage Sludge
Christoph Ponak, Stefan Windisch, Harald Raupenstrauch and Andreas Schönberg

Recovery of Phosphorus in Sewage Sludge Treatment
Andreas Schönberg, Harald Raupenstrauch and Christoph Ponak

Location Based Solutions for Thermal Sewage Sludge Utilization and Phosphorus Recovery – Current Projects at EVN / WTE / S2E 
Thomas Gröbl

Sewage Sludge – Fluidized Bed Incineration as a Reliable and Proven Treatment Process
Josef Langen, Felix Wyss, Frank Reinmöller and Gerald Grüner

Improving the Energetic Self-Sufficiency of Waste Water Treatment Plants – Tool for Needs-based Configuration of the Thermal Sludge Gasification Process
Eoin Butler and Kerstin Schopf

Materials and Corrosion

Relevant Thermochemical Processes in Biomass Fired Power Plants
Wolfgang Spiegel, Marie Kaiser, Gabriele Magel and Werner Schmidl

Corrosion of Boiler Materials in the Presence of K-, Pb- and Zn-chlorides at 300 and 350 °C – Laboratory Tests with and without SO2 –
Patrik Yrjas, Na Li, Dorota Bankiewicz and Rikard Norling

Ceramic Coating of Superheater Tubes and Extended Experiences in WtE Boilers as Alternative to Nickel-based Protection 
Ildefonso Goikoetxea and Eddie Marcarian

Refractory Engineering for Waste-to-Energy Plants – Challenges and Solutions of New Constructions and Maintenance – 
Markus Horn and Manfred Möller

New Silicon Nitride-Bonded Silicon Carbide Tile System for Waste-to-Energy Boilers – Implemented Optimisations in Installation, Process (Heat Transfer) and Service Life 
Jos van der Hoeff and Karl-Ulrich Martin

Flue Gas Treatment

History of Flue Gas Treatment for Waste Incineration Plant IVOO since 1981 to the Present
Fons Doms

Influence of New WI-BREF on the Concepts of Flue Gas Cleaning in the Future – What Will Change?
Ruediger Margraf

Improved SNCR Performance by Means of Innovative Control Concepts 
Wolfgang Schüttenhelm and Philip Reynolds

Bromine-enhanced Mercury Emissions Control at Divers Waste Incineration Plants in Germany and France
Bernhard W. Vosteen and Xavier Chaucherie

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Waste Management, Volume 8
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